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Registration / Admission

ADMISSION OPEN FOR CLASSES PG TO IX We have already started online teaching from 1st April 2020. TO APPLY FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION/ADMISSION VISIT SCHOOL WEBSITE FOR ANY QUERY PLEASE CONTACT Mob: 9058206600, 9045908749, 9837709718

-- 23/04/2020


P.T.M is scheduled to be held on 22/02/2020.

-- 13/02/2020

Annual Examinations

Annual Examinations starts from 2nd March 2020.

-- 13/02/2020

Principal's Message

We are aware that learning is a lifelong process and, therefore, students are motivated to challenge their hidden potential. I believe that Education is a holistic experience that synergizes the growth of body, mind and spirit.

We help our pupils grow into men and women of high potentialities and character. Mission International Academy is the seed ground for those who wish to be leaders and path breakers, for those who shall experiment with the cutting edge of contemporary thought and creative expression. We prepare our children to achieve all challenges and strive for excellence. Education instill creativity, capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence in oneself, and goal setting competencies, and instills the vision that will enable a person to become a self-motivated agent of social change, serving the best interests of the community........

- Mrs. Rose Mary Dsouza (Principal)

Manager's Message

 My dream is the need to have our students understand, remember and act upon the concept that the society needs not only intelligent and well-educated people but the society also needs people that are courageous and compassionate. We need people who extend their hands to help others and stand up for the right of all mankind.
I believe it is equitable learning for all that is key to shared national prosperity for all. Hence it is my mission to provide equal opportunities in the field of education to the socially backward and see Sambhal as a prosperous city. -- More

- Mr. Mushir Khan (Manager)

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